• Agama Level 1 Type Of Yoga
    Agama Level 1 Type Of Yoga
    Yoga is known for its numerous health benefits
  • Vinyasa Yoga In Thailand
    Vinyasa Yoga In Thailand
    Thailand has very beautiful islands with secluded beaches and magnificent views
  • Traditional Approach In Yoga Teacher Training Thailand
    Traditional Approach In Yoga Teacher Training Thailand
    You should immerse yourself in a wonderful yoga experience

You need to get engaged in yoga and tantra to understand what is it and the benefits one can enjoy. While the theoretical understanding is a good idea, experiencing it gives a far much better understanding. Have you ever wondered why people take a yoga and tantra retreat? Well, it is not a waste of time, and neither is it a waste of money. According to a Tantra Yoga Thailand expert, the main reason for taking a yoga retreat is mostly because of the benefits that come with it. Therefore, let’s look at some facts about yoga and tantra that can make you decide to take a yoga retreat today.

Facts about yoga and tantra yoga

Yoga and tantra have a long history

Researchers say that Yoga and Tantra date back over 5,000 years ago. They say it may even be more. However, much of it details cannot be traced since the art and secrecy of yoga and tantra were orally handed over from generation to generation.


It was only until later that literature about them was transcribed from the yoga teachers. They were not willing to offer much information citing that much of the information were secrets. This made it hard to get all the information and today reliable yoga centers have done extremely detailed research to come up with their packages.

Yoga and tantra teachers are usually experienced

Any reliable Yoga and Tantra Center usually have very experienced teachers and tutors. They have done great research on benefits of every move or tactic and are in a position to prepare different packages for different people’s needs. Such a center is the best to take your yoga retreat to benefit most.

Thailand is a yoga and tantra hub

It is a fact that Thailand apart from offering some of the best yoga and tantra centers in the world, it also offers many reliable centers with very experienced yoga teachers. Chiang Mai can be considered as a good yoga hub today. For instance, for a reliable yoga and tantra retreats and lessons from experienced teachers, you can visit;

Mahasiddha Yoga
49 Chang Lor Rd T. Haiya Mueang Chiangmai, เชียงใหม่ 50100, Thailand


Yoga has many benefits

Most reliable yoga and tantra centers have taken an awareness campaign on social media like Facebook and other internet marketing channels to give people information on various benefits they give. Yoga and Tantra will give you physical, mental and spiritual benefits among many others. Take one today and enjoy a basket of benefits.


Yoga is a very popular form of exercise that can significantly help in achieving overall health. It works on your physical, psychological, as well as spiritual aspect, leaving you with a relaxed body and mind at the end of the day.

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, it will certainly bring relaxation, happiness, and inner peace into your life. In fact, it can even strengthen your relationship with other people since it involves union and connection with other individuals. This particular type of exercise will also teach you how to let go of your ego or pride.


hgdhd874While practicing yoga, your heart rate slows down. This puts you in a relaxed mood. You should be aware that the different postures involved can work on your nervous system which, in turn, reduces the force when your heart contracts. Additionally, this exercise relaxes your muscles and loosens up those that are in pain. As the brain receives a signal that the muscles are strengthened and relaxed, the mind tends to relax too.

You can make use of Asana, which is meant for muscle relaxation, and Pranayama which is a technique for controlling your breathing.


Like what was mentioned earlier, yoga is quite helpful in maintaining overall health. It can improve your blood circulation and lower your heart rate. It can also treat insomnia and strengthens your body muscles at the same time.

As you study the philosophy of yoga, you will discover amazing foods like the Sattvic diet that is essential to keeping your body strong and healthy. This will draw you towards organic food. You will then have to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

Happiness and inner peace


Vinyasa yoga, which is the movement from one posture to another, is a great way to trigger the production or release of endorphins. These are the hormones that are responsible for making you feel happy. Other practices also control the mind which can make you think positively. All these will bring you happiness and inner peace.


Another great benefit of practicing yoga is you will get to learn more about discipline and practice it in all areas of your life. As you practice physically, meditate, and work on your breathing, you will discover the true essence of having self-discipline.

Thailand has very beautiful islands with secluded beaches and magnificent views. You should learn and discover the yoga practices here, and one of the best yoga types is vinyasa. This is widely practiced in most parts of the country. Thailand has many relaxing and detoxification yoga programs. You can also pamper yourself with hot water therapy as they offer the best spa treatment. This is what you need to know as you practice Vinyasa Yoga in the said place.

It focuses on your organs

You should pay attention to the strengthening and stretching exercises when starting a Vinyasa practice. As the muscles open up, the joints will be the primary area of focus. This form of yoga will help you in improving your blood circulation. This will, in turn, contribute to alienating congestions in your major body organs.

Vinyasa is not just about exercising

Its definition shows that it involves intelligent sequences of posture though most people confuses it as the body’s sweating ability. Surprisingly, it is the main reason that makes people get attracted to it. This form of Yoga is a reflective and subtle practice. Yoga teaches and makes people know themselves better.

How do you view vinyasa yoga? Is it a calisthenics or a workout class? This article will give you a better understanding of Vinyasa Yoga.

Helps in meditation

Meditation occurs when you focus your mind on something. Vinyasa yoga helps the brain to concentrate. It is a form of dynamic meditation. Whether it is about breathing, asanas or movement, there is an active part involving the brain when practicing this type of Yoga. It is also a powerful tool when it comes to focusing and stabilizing your entire life.

It is related to the breathing system

Ideally, breathing is performed by the nose when practicing Yoga. There is a breathing technique associated with every type of movement performed. You are therefore required to synchronize your movements as well as the breathing rate. For instance, if you are to lift your arm, you will realize that you have a slow and an even inhalation. In the early stages, it could be difficult, and that helps in focusing your mind as you act and think more toughly about it.

Vinyasa is a unique type of yoga and should not be taken to be an exercise. In general, yoga is not a normal activity since it offers both emotional and spiritual benefits.